“City Invest Bank” is an universal Bank offering a full range of banking services to retail and corporate customers.

Servicing of corporate clients is the core of our business. The Bank provides its corporate clients with such traditional banking services as bank guarantees, documentary operations, bank transfers, depository services, international payments, cash settlement services, maintenance of accounts and deposit taking. The Bank performs control of foreign exchange transactions.

“City Invest Bank” has credit programs for large, medium and small businesses. We provide short- and long-term loans, leasing programs.

We try to provide maximum flexibility in meeting the needs of our clientele: besides standard banking and investment product and services, we develop new products and services, offering unique solutions.

For our retail banking clients we offer maintenance of accounts, credit and debit cards from the leading international payment system in Russian Rubles, US Dollars and Euros, Internet Banking with 24-hour access to payment operations and your accounts, cash operations in Rubles and foreign currency. The Bank’s clients can make deposits, obtain loans, perform settlement transactions.

Founded in 1994, the Bank has long-term experience in the banking sector. For the time of its work “City Invest Bank” has proved itself to be a reliable business partner with an impeccable business reputation.

“City Invest Bank” was registered December 30, 1994 by The Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is certified by the License for banking operations № 3194.